EPOS for Franchise & Multi-site

Our franchise EPOS system for large businesses provides complete and instant control over every site, and an integrated tool kit designed to help you drive customers return visits.

Choosing the Best Enterprise POS for Your Organisation

Save time and control consistency by centralising management of your franchise EPOS and online systems across all sites, or implement individual site management with synchronised reports at head office. 

Centralised Management

Standardise Operations

Standardise and control operations across all venues from your main site or head office.  Our enterprise point of sale system seamlessly links all sites so that sales, stock and workforce information flows in from each individual site.

Central & Site-level Reporting

Sales and Stock Manager, part of our enterprise EPOS software suite, enables reporting from site-level and head office, monitoring sales (and costs) across sites. Motivate staff to increase sales by setting sales targets or running competitions for your highest-selling staff and sites.

Bespoke Development

Custom Development

Our franchise multi-site management POS systems are built and developed in-house which means we can provide custom development for larger organisations so that you receive the exact system your organisation needs. 

Flexible & Scalable

That’s why we’re the Point of Sale and Stock supplier of choice for many franchise operations and multi-site organisations. Our enterprise POS integration compliments, adapts and fits your organisation’s needs no matter how specific, and our back office functionality evolves as your organisation grows.

Fast, Scalable & Flexible

Lightning Fast & Feature-rich

Our lightning-fast, feature-rich enterprise EPOS system is perfect for a franchise and multi-site organisations. Make changes at head office and roll them out across all sites in seconds. 

Control Consistency

We provide total flexibility, so you can add sites as your organisation grows and either adapt the system for each site with flexible POS screen layouts, menus, pricing discounts and promos or restrict changes and control consistency from head office.

Site & Centralised Reporting

Data-based Decision Making

Make business decisions based on hard data. Our purpose-built Point of Sale software suite provides granular reporting capabilities on every facet of your franchise or multi-site organisation, so you can monitor sales across sites, your workforce and customer insights in real-time or over time, to track progress and forecast future demand. 

Automated, On-demand or Live

Get your data where and when you need it. Automated reports send information to selected stakeholders at regular intervals, pull data as you need it from your back-office or use Power EPOS Insights to access live sales data on the go.

Adaptable Scaled Support

Just What You Need

We can provide a fully Managed POS Service where we manage the system for you or we can provide flexible, scaled support so you only pay for what you need when you need it.

Customised Support

We’ll design an enterprise support package, including remote and onsite support, specific to your venue needs.

Training & On-Boarding

Got new staff and need them trained up on your POS system?  No problem. We provide remote and in-house training to make sure staff at your organisation and sites have everything they need to get the most out of your POS system.

Accounting & Reservations

Streamline Workflows

Our integrations with popular software packages allow information to flow from one area to the next making your organisation more efficient and reducing the possibility of errors. 

Easier Accounting

Our POS automatically syncs with market-leading accounting packages such as Xero and MYOB so that your staff spend less time entering data and more time growing the business.

Rostering & Reservations

Seamlessly integrate with ResDiary, Now Book It or Avenista for bookings and reservations, to get the most out of your enterprise POS system.

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